Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Questions about AK!

Long time not played AK yet? I could get some refreshment, some questions you probably known already!


Q1: Mention the cards that were available in Ver. 12 Japan from Ver. 11
Q2: How Many SOL types are there?
Q3: What is the strongest miracle card?
Q4: Mention the strength and health of Leo the lion cub (Cartoon pic)

Done answering? Let's try your results. This should know what you have did for the questions.


Q1: Machine Shark, Machine Eagle, Machine Gorilla (You could change, maximum 3)
Q2: 5
Q3: Alien Egg Gold (5200)
Q4: Strength 3500 Health 4000

Did you get them all correct? I know you are smart, try to refresh your mind again if you failed answering them correctly!

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