Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tips: Why barcodes of a japan cards might be useful when we use it to play?

Hey anyone, heard about card barcodes? You can get them easily. This is the link where you can get the free japanese card barcode. Now available to ver. 12

Find barcodes in this link:

While finding the barcodes of the cards you wanted, be sure you have the cardlist. Download it from and if you have seen the card barcode you wanted in the site above (not, copy and paste the barcode data
(Example: bn5:n_+a is the usable siegfried)and generate it in this free barcode generator.

Generate your barcodes now:

Paste the barcode data like the example mentioned above. The barcode symbology must be Code 128 and the output format must be JPG. Done everything I mentioned above? Now click Generate barcode. Right click the barcode image then click Save Image As. Put a name when you save it. Now open the image then resize it into 72%. To collect your many barcodes in a paper or more, use Microsoft Word to resize them. Print them all then put a name before you paste it on the animal kaiser card.

Here are the cards that I tested on Singapore machines:

- Praying Mantis
- Great White Shark

- Power Purple
- Midnight Dynamic
- Scramble Surgy (Coming Soon to Animal Kaiser Version 4)
- Body Balance (Coming Soon to Animal Kaiser Version 4)

- Aligned Planets (Ver. 5 and Ver. 6)
- Crashing Moon
- Crashing Moon Special

Good luck in testing! Note: The example barcode data above is the usable siegfried barcode that you could try!

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