Friday, July 2, 2010

3 hard to get animals and new cars for sale

- Vrede Elephant (Usable promo card): $2 brand new condition
- Vampire Bat: $2 brand new condition
- King Cobra: $2 brand new condition
- Burning Jackal: $6 brand new condition
- Siegfried (copied version): $1.6 brand new condition
- Organ: $10 with mint condition
- Purple Wolf: $8 with mint condition
- Vrede Elephant: $12 with mint condition
- Hercules Beetle: $9 with mint condition
- White Owl: $5 with mint condition
- Ninja Fox: $7 with mint condition
- White Lion: $19 with mint condition

Or 1 set all of the above cards for $44 only.

Special Offer this week: Buy more than $30 gets discount 50% and 1 free Ultra Rare card, free to choose. Limited stock only. Accept multiples of $30.

- White Lion: 70 stocks left
- Ninja Wolf: 6 stocks left
- Siegfried Ver. 9: 31 stocks left


  1. I am intrested in the white lion. Is organ is the dark polar bear?If yes i am also intrested.

  2. can the white lion card be used in version 3 and 4 machines? please email to me at Thanks

  3. i am interested to your card how can i buy your card?? please mail me at

  4. If I want to buy those cards,do I have to pay SGD or USD?

  5. when i get enough money i buy so whats ur phone number? so i can call

  6. I want to buy Vrede for $ Meet at Boon Lay Deal?