Tuesday, July 20, 2010

List of animal cards - rare cards only with promotion cards!

Let's start from the beginning. If you are confused with the lists, just make sure you see, included the cards I know, some are not and not included, including Special Ops Apollo (?) Please fix for me if wrong! Rare cards only, not normal cards, except promotion cards! click here for more lists!
Note: included with the fiery eye series!! And also included the fiery eye writing in Japanese at the end of the list. There are too many, hope you all understand


LA-001 Lion
A-001 Lion
LA-002 Great White Shark
LA-004 Polar Bear
A-003 Bald Eagle
A-004 Polar Bear
A-005 Hammerhead Shark
A-006 Indian Cobra
A-007 Leo, the Lion cub
A-008 Blue, the young shark
G01A-008 Blue, the young shark
A-009 Icarus, the young eagle
A-010 Gray Wolf
A-011 Giant Panda
A-012 Nile Crocodile
A-030 Bengal Tiger
A-031 African Elephant
A-032 Indian Rhinoceros
GO2A-012 Nile Crocodile
S01A-032 Indian Rhinoceros
A-040 Hippo Larry
A-043 Kid, the Tiger
A-044 Joe, the Tiger
A-045 Killer Whale
S10~12A-007 Special Ops Leo
S13A-045 Killer Whale
A-053 Lowland Gorilla
A-054 Jumbo, the Lowland Gorilla
A-056 Starburst Tarantula
P12A-022 Sawshark
P17S-015 Poteco Appetite
P18S-028 Poteco All-Out Power
P19M-041 Alien Egg E
S07A-010 Gray Wolf
A-061 Siegfried
A-062 King Cobra
A-063 American Alligator
A-064 Spiny Flower Mantis
S20A-030 Bengal Tiger
G02A-002 Gold Champion Great White Shark
S16A-064 Spiny Flower Mantis
LO1A-001 Lion
LO2A-002 Great White Shark
LO3A-003 Bald Eagle
LO4A-004 Polar Bear
LO5A-006 Indian Cobra
LO8A-031 African Elephant
S15A-041 Hippo Barry
S15A-042 Hippo Harry
D01A-001 Lion
DO2A-002 Great White Shark
DO3A-003 Bald Eagle
C04A-030 Gold Champion Bengal Tiger
C05A-053 Gold Champion Lowland Gorilla
A-070 Vrede (Holy elephant)
A-071 Schneider (Holy wolf)
A-072 Baron (Holy owl)
Z10A-061 Siegfried
Z09A-007c Leo, the lion cub (Cartoon picture)
A-080 Scorch (Dark Lion)
A-081 Organ (Evil bear)
A-082 Schwarz (Evil wolf)
A-083 Lucifer (Evil elephant)
A-088 Fiery Eye Cheetah ド根性チーター
A-089 Fiery Eye Coral Snake ド根性サンゴヘビ
A-091 Fiery Eye Praying Mantis ド根性オオカマキリ
A-090 Fiery Eye Electric Ray ド根性ヤマトシビレエイ
P30A-031 African Elephant
P34A-007c Leo, the lion cub (Cartoon picture poteco edition)
S21A-041 Hippo Harry
S22A-042 Hippo Barry
S27A-100 Special Ops Apollo (?)
S32A-082 Schwarz (Evil wolf)
A-096 Mammoth
A-097 Jupiter the saber-toothed tiger
A-098 Ouranos the archeopteryx
A-099 Poseidon the barracuda
A-100 Apollo the Liger
A-101 Mammoth (Bronze rare)
A-102 Saber-toothed tiger
A-103 Archeopteryx
A-104 Barracuda
S10A-007 Special Ops Leo
Z16A-062 King Cobra
S16A-064 Spiny Flower Mantis
Z17A-070 Vrede (Holy elephant)
Z1BA-077 Vampire Bat
P33A-077 Vampire Bat (Get from AK snack)
A-105 Fiery eye Sawshark ド根性ノコギリザメ
A-106 Fiery eye Peregrine Falcon ド根性ハヤブサ
A-107 Fiery eye Side-stripped Jackal ド根性ヨコスジジャッカル
A-108 White Lion (Name still uncovered...) ガレオン
S33A-102 Saber-toothed tiger
Y01A-061 Siegfried
P56A-109 Grizzly (The bear with shirt)
S06A-109 Grizzly
S31A-109 Grizzly
Z30A-080 Scorch (Dark lion, rumor to be playable in Version 4 machine)
Z25A-063 American Alligator
Z29A-008c Blue the young shark (Cartoon picture)
Z26A-043 Kid the tiger
A-110 Dark Lion (Scorch) EVOLVED
A-111 Master Blue
A-112 Master Icarus
A-113 Silver turtle
A-114 Yellow turtle
A-118 Fiery eye Asiatic Black Bear ド根性ツキノワグマ
A-119 Fiery eye Goblin Shark ド根性ミツクリザメ
A-120 Fiery eye Rabbit bat ド根性ウサギコウモリ
A-121 Master Leo
A-122 European Bison
A-123 Redney Tarantula
A-125 Siegfried (Strongest form)
A-126 Hercules Beetle
A-127 コーカサスオオカブト
A-128 ギラファノコギリクワガタ
A-129 オウゴンオニクワガタ
A-135 Holy snake
A-136 Blue Hercules Beetle
A-137 Ninja Fox
A-138 Ninja Raccoon
A-139 Horsetain Cow
A-143 Fiery eye Indian Elephant ド根性インドゾウ
A-144 Fiery eye White Rhinoceros ド根性シロサイ
S41A-138 Special Ops Ninja Raccoon
C06A-121 Gold Champion Master Leo
S38A-130 Mushi Beetle (Now with curse!!!)
S44A-109 Grizzly
A-145 Ninja Wolf
A-146 Machine Gorilla - HG
A-147 Machine Shark - HG
A-148 Machine Eagle - HG
A-149 Machine Gorilla
A-150 Machine Shark
A-151 Machine Eagle
A-152 Machine Lion
A-153 Leo's child
X01A-149 Machine Gorilla
X02A-152 Machine Lion
X02A-153 Leo's child
A-157 Regulus (Scorch's Children)
A-159 Machine Lion - HGX
A-160 Cobalt
A-161 Joker
A-162 Ace
A-164 Sperm Whale

It takes an hour for me to list all this. Can you complete your own list?

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