Wednesday, July 28, 2010

AK Place Forum Tips - How to register?

Anyone of you who wanted to register at my very own creation forum is simple! Create your username, password, and E-mail address.

Click here to register with us now...

Once you registered, you are done with. Before that, please check your email so that you could start in this forum.

Note: Email address is required so that we could register you on this forum. If you don't have any email address, go create one or you could not create an account. Thank you!

If you are registered and wanted to log in, enter your registered username and password.

Click here to log in...

Before you log in, please be sure to check your email address and click the link on that email so that you could activate it. Once you're done, you could start logging in.

This forum still enables PM (Private Messages) to send out messages directly to your account privately. It is a better way to communicate with others privately!!!

Click here to visit the forum...

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