Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Barcode data list: Usable cards

This is a list of barcode data where you can generate it into a card barcode. Simply copy and paste the barcode data to the barcode generator!

S13A-045 Killer Whale: bn5v@HPd
P19M-041 Alien Egg E: bn5vLl]m
A-056 Starburst Tarantula: bn3zb4vz
S16A-064 Spiny Flower Mantis: bn1BsrKO
S24A-092 Vampire Bat: bn3?4jP@
Z10A-061 ジーク: bn5:n_+a
S-062: ダーティファイト: bn0&PO96
S-063 孤高の闘い: bn0c7D+T
M-055 惑星直列: bn2!4fEz
M-067 地球大切断: bn.*cqay

Want the free generator link? Scroll down or take a look the bottom page of my blog to find a picture "Barcoding Inc." and click the link.

Scroll down...


I guarantee that the barcodes are usable on the machine because I tried it already!


  1. how u managed to use this barcode??
    how u edit it??
    ive try tons of times but doesnt success.
    pls help.. Noobs here :)

  2. All the barcode data listed above are all playable in local machines. There is already the link provided to generate it.

  3. do you had any cards to sell?? im interested :)