Monday, July 12, 2010

Comparing of all animals

This is the list of animal comparing results for strong animals.

7000/7000 animal is like an animal with a medium weaponry and defense.
6500/7500 animal like GWS has a stronger defense shield, but the spear is a little bit too weak.
8000/6000 animal is an animal with a stronger weapon, a little bit weak in defense. Like Bengal Tiger.
9000/6000 animal holds the strongest spear or sword, while is weak in defense. This is owned by the V9 Siegfried.
8000/7000 animal is an animal that carries 90% strongest spear, the defense is still quite high.
7500/7500 animal is an animal with a sword which has the same amount for it's defense shield.

Strong cards to affect it's shield and weapons...

445 Strong Card is really a perfect match for the animal who masters the P as the best attack. It increases it's sword power, defense still don't know.

333 Evil Aura Strong Card is a medium boost for all animals, imbued with the evil aura. This is sure to make the sword a blood-sucking spear, absorbing health from the enemy to your animal.

333 Forest Aura Strong Card is also a medium boost for all animals, but imbued with the forest aura. This aura will make the animal's weapon strength increased after being attack by an enemy.

333 Burning Aura Strong Card is another medium boost for all animals, imbued with the maximum power of the burning aura. The animal will recover with it's technique, increases the animal's shield vitality.

This is the current match for animals. Try combining them.

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