Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gold champion lion - Free for tournament winners!

This card will be given free to tournament winners. If you will win, you will get one. Win a lot, and you win gold champion cards!

Gold Champion Description:

"Animal Kaiser" is the proof of your power. This honored title is only bestowed upon animals who have mastered their strength.

The deck box will be given too...

If there is a tournament, the winner will be given the deck box and the champion card. This is a challenging way to get a free lion. For another way to get it, buy the card. Currently this card is not for sale here.

Silver Champions will be given the silver tournament deck box. You can use your deck boxes you have won to save most of your cards. If you have won many deck boxes, try using them to save most of your cards.

Good luck in winning!

*The champion lion is not for sale for a moment, and the deck boxes will be active too. When buying my deck boxes, please take note that the champion lion will not be included inside the box, only the other 5 you can choose.

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