Thursday, July 8, 2010

If you are an Animal Kaiser fan, this is what you have to hear!

A forumer just mentioned that if we addicted to Animal Kaiser, something bad will happen to yourself.

"With the amount of over fishing going on, the only way prices will go is ... down.

I still see a lot of people hang out at arcade every week for fishing.
Their album are pages and pages of the same cards.
Its beyond collector. I call them addicts."

~ Donkey

Blog Master: Very agree with Donkey, if we addicted to Animal Kaiser, our social life will be disturbed. I am never hanging out at arcade just to be addicted, but I am just hunting for new rare cards and try out my new Japan cards. It's really a crowd when many people are playing AK. You can see many addicts over there, seeing how they are addicted to Animal Kaiser!

If you're one of them, try to not to be addicted anymore, just hunt for rare cards, and play normally.

You are just been warned once more!!

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