Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Introduction of Animal Kaiser to newbies, this is a start!!

Animal Kaiser is a game using trading cards. In each game, players start to choose a game mode: 1 player or 2 players. If the person plays a single player mode, he or she must choose an opponent's strength. There are "Normal" and "Strong" and each affects your opponent's difficulty and strength. The next way is the player must scan his or her animal card to the machine. If he or she doesn't have any animal cards, the player must press the yellow button to use a bonus animal. After that the player must scan his or her strong card to increase your animal's strength, and miracle card to unleash a special attack to the enemy. If the player doesn't have any strong or miracle cards, the player must press the yellow button to use the default setting. The default setting is:

- Animal Card: Leo the lion cub
- Strong Card: 111
- Miracle Card: Magma Inferno

After the people has done scanning the cards, the player will begin the game. If the player has chosen "Normal" before, he or she could press the green button to see the tutorial, or the yellow button to directly go into the game. Now let the game begins! Each player must battle with the machine, or with another player. The player will need to press the green button to stop the attack slot. This will determine the player's attack and the strongest attack will be presented in Gold colour. For the miracle attack, it will be displayed with blue. Next, the attack slot, the most important factor of the game. Press the yellow button to stop the attack slot. The animal whoch has the greatest number will attack! If there is a tie, the player will need to stop the slot again until he or she will get a big number. Each attack will decrease your opponent's health. And when the opponent's health reaches 0, you win! Each mode has 3 rounds. Single player will have to keep the lives remained for the animals that the players used from the first round. 2 player mode will be 2 or 3 rounds because a player must win twice first to win.

Get new cards after the game. Buy or play more to build your own Animal Kaiser game card deck!

Sometimes you will get a rared card and sometimes not. The cards are dispensed randomly so you cannot choose a card, you only can stop the slot to get what card will you get.

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