Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Introduction of Animal Kaiser to newbies - Lots of info here!

For newbies, they can know how to play Animal Kaiser here. First, insert the required coins displayed on the AK Machine, when the game starts, the player must choose to play against the computer, or the player could fight against another player. If the player decides to play against the computer, the player must choose the computer's strength. The player could choose a normal opponent or a stronger opponent, the player's own decision. Me myself always choose Strong.

Now to the cards! First, scan your animal cards you have. If you do not have a card, push the yellow button and you are assigned with the default animal. Now scan a strong card. This will decide your animal's strength. If you do not have a strong card, push the yellow button and then you will use the default settings for strong cards, 111. Scan a miracle card! This could add your animal a new super attack! If you do not have a miracle card, push the yellow button to use the default miracle attack, Magma Inferno.

Now off to the game! You will see the lists of your rivals. Total there are 3 opponents that you must fight. There will be 2 slots appearing. First, push the green button to stop the attack type slot. This will decide what will your animal attack! The golden color is the best attack of your animal! Now, for the real challenge. Push the yellow button to stop the attack slot, the animal who owns the biggest number than it's opponent will attack! Every attack will deplete your enemy's life bar. And when successfully depleted 100% of your animal's life, you win. Now go fight your next rival!

After the end of the game, the player will win a card. They could buy cards first, or collecting them from the game machine. Amass over thousands of cards and create your own deck.

Animal Card: Summons your animal to the game
Strong Card: Increase your animal's attack strength.
Miracle Cards: Channel the power of nature to strike the enemy!!!

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