Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lucky Question: Ver 4

If you know anything about Ver. 4, answer these questions if you dare!

1) Does Meteor Shower exists in this version?
2) What is Siegfried Health and Strength? What is the attribute for Siegfried? What is the best attack? (Attribute: Multi, Speed, Heavy)
3) Spiny Flower Mantis has what rare on it? What is the health and strength and the attribute? Tell me the best attack!


1X) Mention the ultimate rare boss after Siegfried! What is it's attribute? Best attack? And it's full info, abilities, and country.

Done with them all? I believe anyone are smart here. And to make sure you are really smart, let's have a sneak peek to the answers. You will know anything what you don't know! First, calm down yourself for a few minutes, and then let's have a sneak peek!

Scroll down to find out what you don't believe...

1) No, Meteor Shower doesn't exists in Ver. 4
2) Strength 8000 Health 7000. Best attack is T. Attribute is Speed.
3) Bronze Rare. Strength 6500 Health 4000 Best attack is T attribute is Speed.

For the ultimate question, scroll down again...

Ultimate Answer:

After Siegfried, it would be the dark lion (Scorch) attribute is heavy best attack is G Strength 7000 Health 8000 Ability dark burst, ultimate attack dark charge. Country flag is Dark Hero.

If you got them all correctly, congratulations...
Don't be sad if you fail once... try again later in this lucky questions...

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