Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New eBay buying rules from a seller (8)

elling Namco Kaiser Original Animal Normal Game Cards (Version 3) S$ 0.30 each

Card is brand new & in perfect condition (Freshly from game machine)

Please do not bid if you do not intend to honour the bid at the end of the auction.

Free Normal Local Postage (Purchase 8 & above)

Accept payment by Funds transfer (POSB/OCBC)

For fast deal & enquiry, Kindly email me @ shirley_tan77@hotmail.com

A-013 Cheetah / A-014 Leopard / A-016 Snow Leopard / A-018 Side-striped Jackal / A-020 Brown Bear / A-021 Indian Gavial / A-022 Sawshark / A-025 Peregrine Falcon / A-026 Great Horned Owl / A-033 Electric Ray / A-034 Manta Ray / A-035 Golden Eagle / A-036 Anaconda / A-038 Dark Scorpion / A-039 Florida Bark Scorpion / A-041 Hippo Barry / A-042 Hippo Harry / A-055 Orangutan / A-057 Cobalt Blue Tarantula / A-058 Indian Elephant / A-059 White Rhinoceros / A-060 Praying Mantis

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