Sunday, July 18, 2010

Perfect Matches for animal cards (Gold and Promo cards only)

Here is the list of the perfect matches I discovered for you AK fans. Please take a look and have a try on these pairs:

Bengal Tiger + Swift Blow + Meteor Shower
Vampire Bat + Power Purple (333 Evil Aura Silver) + Approaching Sun (V3 or V6)
Spiny Flower Mantis + Battle Isolated (252 Siegfried Picture) + Saturn Saw
Vrede + Ocean Power + Aligned Planets (V6 with Survivor)
Lion + Mighty Fighter + Approaching Sun (Same combination with Special Ops Leo)
Bald Eagle + Virtous Skies or Showdown + Saturn Saw
Red Scorpion + Darkness Power (Evil Narwhal Picture) + Approaching Sun

I recommend you try these combination above, it might look good enough!

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