Saturday, July 3, 2010

Promo cards for sell here

Finally get many cards for sale, I do have all of the cards listed here.

Z16A-062 King Cobra (Hard to get): $3 new offer
Z1BA-077 Vampire Bat: $1.5 new offer (free barcode for this card already distributed)
S16A-064 Spiny Flower Mantis: $1 new offer
S08A-007 Special Ops Leo: $0.88 new offer
Z17A-070 Vrede Elephant: $2.1 new offer
Z09A-007c Leo the lion cub (Cartoon Leo picture): $1.4 new offer
S27A-100 Apollo (Young Liger): $3
S32A-082 Evil Wolf: $5.5
S31A-109 Bear with shirt: $3.4
Z25A-063 American Alligator: $3

1 set of all of the above cards for $30.

1 comment:

  1. How can I buy the cards from your blog?? Is it usable in local machines???