Friday, July 9, 2010

Store News: Fake cards box not selling

Due to the not allowance of fake cards in Singapore, I stopped selling it again. It really violates it. For viewers, maybe you should check this part out. I got anything about you there.

Click here to view why fake cards are not allowed here.

This is a very important tip why I not allow fake cards anymore, just receive news from my friend that he has just visited Indonesia and buy fake cards there, no common problem.

You can tell that Singapore has a tight security, you will break NAMCO copyright issue if you buy or sell them.

Blog Master: That's why I no more interested with fake cards, better hunt them with barcodes or play so that we could get rare cards. You will be in great deal of trouble.

Barcodes is another way you could wreck the fake cards out. There, maybe you could find something more and do barcodes, use them for play. Everyday at 10 PM I will give anyone new usable card barcodes, get ready and save some.

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