Sunday, July 11, 2010

Story: Besides that tragedy on my previous thread... PART 1

There is another case from a different thread, which not created by me. Now this case is from another forumer, Wang, has another serious problem with Shark Pro, another forumer. This is a head-to-head argument match for those 2...

Scene 1: This when it begins... (Posted by Wang)

"First ever and may be last bid for 1 complete set of version 3 cards open for all category as i got extra set…

Bid start at SGD 180… Yes u never see wrongly… it is SGD 180 and every bid add at least SGD 10 and leave your contact number also.

Bid ends on Friday 11 June 2010, 8pm in according to official timing of top banner ....

Highest bidder win and in case the person do not honor the bid, the 2nd highest will win naturally unless it is agreed via sms by both parties.


Scene 2: A start (Posted by Wang)

"All can bid except sharkpro so let’s ignore his bid… Monster still leading at sgd 190...."

Scene 3: Caught by the fisherman (Posted by Shark Pro)

"any reason? i am no blacklist. only You in blacklist! my money is sgd. no good reason and no steady please close the bid. dun acting gentleman here. we know You."

Scene 4: Worried (Posted by Shark Pro)

since you so steady to open up a thread for us to open bid, then you cannot choose the bidder unless you state so at the beginning. any reason to ignore me? scared and worried that you will end up like me? win the bid but dun honour?
snake if your bottom part empty dun open for us to bid. snake"

Scene 5: Disqualification Ignored (Posted by Shark Pro)

"tell me your standing. my bid sgd360. am i not qualified? you lost your way. if i want to againt this thread, too many ways. just think it."

Scene 6: Does this is his creation? (Posted by Shark Pro)

"i know all. just tell you the purpose for this thread. Wang not going to earn profit. it is called IMAGE RECOVERY thread. Monster=Wang=Monster. Helper=AKSIAO. Wang created Monster purposely for this thread. only 2 post by Monster. clever people know what he trying to do.
scooper or other bidders, you no worry. win the bid. at last Wang will give discount. Wang main purpose is IMAGE RECOVERY.good luck to all."

Scene 7: Message for the Shark and the bidders (Posted by Wang)


this is a warning to u to stop harress other innocent people here before all other people hate or don’t respect u…

For other keen bidder , just continue to bid as high as possible even higher than market price is ok as requested by sharkpro, I will give surprises.... Real surprise for kid sonly with bids above SGD 400… Happy bidding"

Scene 8: Oh no! He's getting... (Posted by Shark Pro)

"o no. confused Wang’s secret exposed by Shark pro. He is getting angry. cool  grin
Wang better change name to Monster. It’s more suitable for you. snake Wang=Monster=Wang=Monster
dear all, megasale by Monster. come and bid. good luck to all. want to image too. i am going to win the bid and collect from Monster on Friday 11 June 2010. by by wink"

Scene 9: Ask from a guest and things from the king (Posted by BlueSpider and Wang)

"shark pro,

do you have any proof that wang = monster ???"

While this is anything that Wang Says...

"Blue spider,

Just ignore sharkpro, he is a teenager but behave like kid..."

Scene 10: Scene rejected, refused (Posted by Wang and Shark Pro)


By changing your name to monster or wang doesnt mean we cant reconise you so your bid is still not valid......"

Shark Pro refused

"alemek. i thought you will ask people to ignore snake
starting only......................"

To be continued...

Updated tomorrow starting in Scene 11! Stay tuned for my blog to read more about this! By the way, this case is not over yet, now Ak Observer has commented about Wang, the same with Shark Pro, but really not stress like that Shark Pro...

Blog Master: This is really happened at Zone X Forum, please check it out and you will know more about it. Believe it or not, this case is still true, nothing 0.1% of it is fake, all happened in Forums!

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