Sunday, July 18, 2010

Story: Bid ended!!!!

That old seller Machine Lion now has ended the bid, the 2 ended right today.

Super Bid 1: Ultimate rare card complete series

Highest price: $799
Won by: do things you like

Congrats! You complete the ultra rare card series, just be sure you could PM him to deal...

Super Bid 2: Complete series of English V1 to V3 and Japanese V1 to V12

Highest price: $5999
Won by: Myself!

Super Bid 3: Champion card Japanese full set

Highest price: $450
Won by: Myself!

I currently won the 2 super bids and have to paid over $5341 as the bid of these 2 cards were won by me. Eats most of my money, but I received the package once I PM him. Wow, a quick delivery, received only an hour of waiting! I opened up the package, the cards retrieved!

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