Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Story: Champion Lion - OLD!!!

Old card, so far only the newest champion tiger has been announced, but not officially launched yet. Beside, Japan has the most gold champion cards and is now trending on the newest White Lion, after Master Leo take the first lead on the strongest gold champion ever. By the way the animal remains the same, only the picture is different, and the description and the Battle Tournament Gold Champion symbol added above, the back of the card is about the tournament winner's tips, give it a try and try your best luck in getting your own champion card!

This is the longest champion card ever available for English version, I think it is better they release the newer gold champion faster than champion tiger, to make all fans interested! By the way, if you wanna trade this card do it your own choice, you could trade it, or sometimes you will not. Lots of people here has this card, so don't scam around just joking for this card, champion tiger is the newest champion card ever!!!

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