Friday, July 9, 2010

Story: Cheap Prices? Do you dare to buy?

This is not an old thread, somebody in Zone X Forum sold many of his cards for cheap. I think it is good to buy, just be careful or it might be a trap!

"Interested please sms me at 83122385.
I can only meet at Bishan

Other gold cards (ver 3) - less $5 with purchase of at least 1 silver card below

Lowland Gorilla - $30 (SOLD)
GWS - $25
Bald Eagle - $25 (SOLD)

Silver (All 3 below for $25)

Starburst - $12
Polar Bear - $10
Showdown - $10

All cards in perfect condition"

Blog Master: Get rid of this if you want to buy more cheaper, great way to save some of your money. The cards are really in perfect condition, better you just buy a full set of Ver. 3 cards, does better!

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