Thursday, July 15, 2010

Story: Confused with animals, is this a giraffe or a horse?

This is a betting challenge between Estelle and AKSIAO. They both don't know is that a giraffa or a horse.

"Hi all Guy and Gals here.... need all the help here as mi and aksiao have a fun wager abt the ver 12 bronze card A162 giraffa.... So k all pls help to verify whether this is giraffa or horse?????

AKSIAO say it a horse....hahahahaahaaha Lol

Estelle aka kenneth say it giraffa

Loser will eat up the cards ya. hahahahah so got free show to see lo...."

~ Estelle

"yo bro,

i will eat confirm but if is a horse u eat ok hhahahhahah

i already ask Joe he say horse and egohbc best he also dont really know is horse or giffrae?

so need u guys to verify this is horse or giffrae?? smile



Finally the winner is Estelle! So AKSIAO must eat that masai giraffe card...

What does the winner says?

"Info from jap source...... The name is call gang giraffe ya.....Yipee Aksiao must eat card lo. hahahahaha"

What does the loser says?


got read lah but didnt say is giraffe mah smile

this stupid Arai design until the animal look like horse on the head and the body is giraffe… :0

if they dont put the name i think losta u guys will also think is horse hahahhahaha

bloody mix blood animal hahaha never mind tomo i ‘m collecting it from Egohbc liao will have a good look at this mix blood animal hahahhaha


Other comments

"how do u think it is a horse? IT’S A GIRAFFE, MASAI GIRAFFE"
~ do things you like

"we all have a good laugh this afternoon in the office ...
those don play AK 90% said it is a horse ...... look at the face and the leg
our colleague in Japan email us japanese poster and circle the word that mean Masai Giraffe and also circle the tail ..... lol

eat the card slowly .... lol"

~ AK_cookie

This is an easy bet, Masai giraffe!

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