Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Story: Dark Lion (Scorch) Bronze rare card is playable?

There is a rumor by a forumer which said that there is the rumor that the Bronze Dark Lion could be playable. Does anyone tried the card before?

"yo all,

rumors had it that this Evil Lion can be play....

so this afternoon call up a few forumers who sell cards to me… call uncle Joe he no respond (i think sleeping hahhahahah)

so called another pretty lady from this forum hahhahha and got it from her.. but she also cant confirm this card can play or not… but i dun care lah just buy first before the price goes up like the Ver 3 Siegfred…

btw my friend also want 1 of this evil Lion…

so guys can this card be played??


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since V2 the Bronze Siegfried already can play .... think i got a photocopied one from Adrian back then ..... so V3 machine can play nothing new .... what i meant is still ‘old’ database ..... it’s not because the Boss upgraded to Siegfried then can play.

they (jap) are not going to change the entire database ... just add-on the new V4 Cards attributes (Ultimate Siegfired, King Cobra, etc) the rest still the same ..... if that being the case why would they specifically include the Evil Lion?

i’m certain parhaps 70-80% the V4 machine cannot play the Bronze Evil Lion ... you can hope for the best in the remaining 20% .... ha ha ... lols

and that’s why i no more buy Jap cards ... cannot play now and even the near future .... must well wait for the local launch ...." ~ Spaceshuttle

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But, there is another thing which has another source of this:
"I was told by an insider that how they upgrade the machine version is simply by a programme IC card.
For a new version, the IC card will contain the codes for the new animal/strong/miracle card that will be launched in that version. Once they load that programme IC card into the machine, then the machine will allow the scanning of those new cards, very much like what Spaceshuttle mentioned above. "

But exactly rumors still keep the correct answer! Don't ever hope it will be usable, depending on the IC Card. The machine could scan a few new cards, the V4 new cards and new Japan cards. Maybe the technicians must think about that to attract more people to buy Dark Lion bronze rare and use it for play, but they haven't think about it yet!

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