Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Story: Dark Lion usable or not?

Dear all, I just need lots of information from all of you who knows this card is playable or not. There is a rumor somehow at Version 4 this card would be usable. Japan should announce us about this, but so sorry they never, only Siegfried bronze rare is currently usable, we hope this Scorch lion would be usable!

What about if: This card works

Sure it's awesome! This is playable, woo-hoo! Nice abilities this lion got... so far playable in V4

Ability: Super Dark Burst
Ultimate Attack: ????

What about if: This card is not playable in V4 machines

NO!!! So far this is not playable, no database upgrade for Japanese cards, boring, everyday must use bronze Siegfried, or any other Japan cards...

Just wait for V4, answer is there!

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