Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Story: Fight, fight, fight!!!! - The winner of round 1 is...

The bidding duel match is between do things you like and Ms. Kaiser, they both bid, and bid, but they finally got a newcomer, crashing moon999 is just started off it's first bid, no wonder why he could bid that high... check the below picture if you wanna take a look at this ultimate price, never heard by whole AK fans before! You will never see this mammoth at this price before, now you begin to see it!

This tight match has no end yet, this is the winner, the Crashing moon999! Haha, a tight battle against these fighters.

Congrats to crashing moon999 for winning the bid, I think he will bid the entire KaiserKnight's bid, I think he collects the card, that's why he bids!

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