Thursday, July 15, 2010

Story: Is this a good place to advertise about someone?

Before you advertise about someone or something, you need to think first. If the place you are going to advertise to is a good place or not. Just like this people, commenting on someone's YouTube video.

"Just want to adverstise a very good seller i bought from.
They have alot of extra bronze silver rare cards like special ops they already have 4 cos their son is a fan of this game.
They dont sell the cards for a living.they are just hoping to get some of their money back.The bronze cards are juz around $4
i bought Icarus from them and also alot of bronze cards.
Silver are also juz around $14
Special ops is avg price $65 but they are really honest dealers
You can pm me for info
~ gvc36022

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