Thursday, July 15, 2010

Story: A mysterious bid, can you handle it?

This is another bid for the V3 full set.

Current highest bid is $160 by wilong.

All that changed, when the seller's friend is bidding $1500! Is this the seller's own bid or his friend's? I still can't think about it yet...

You guys could see that this seller is not sincere in selling in his cards by just looking at the post above, and the selling behavior. I still remember, that this same seller is the same people who extended a bid date! That's too expensive for the V3 full set, even the highest price is $320 in the market! There is an option between this, is this real or just a joking game for anyone to just pay money virtually? If this is not real, it really wastes anyone's time to go and check back, if you think this is a fun bidding then the people who said it is fun is an idiot! The seller might be playing his own game here...


"Look at this earlier message… no date specified… just add in as he wanted, who dare to bid.... please continue.... look like we wont get at this kind of price… and likely if never meet his price… it will continue extend… Good luck to all ..." ~ Wang

As above comment mentioned, the seller extended the bid with no date specified. But how could NorthStar 88 knows about it?

"If it is a true bid, I think you should close the bidding and sell it to your friend. And closed the thread.

Anyway, I do not see the actual bid of $1500 anywhere. So my bid should still be the highest, although someone may outbid me later.

thanks." ~ wilong

The comment mentioned above is simply right, no $1500 for a V3 full set. Is this a joke or real?

"You must be crazy or greedy, your friend must be stupid sorry for being rude (Direct),

For 1500 he can get 6 sets of Ver 3 from the current prices (249 from Ken) ppl are selling their full set.

may be you mean NT1500 as the price your friend offer you.

no cheers for you." ~ Northstar88

This is an impossible bid for a full set, locals are selling the Version 12 full set for $850 only.

"I also got another friend wanted to bid for your Ver 3 at .... huh ..... 50 cents?

what are you waiting for ..... $1,500 or 50 cents? you want higher? ... okay okay 55 cents ..... ha ha lols.

Child play ... and i should leave it this way ..."~ spaceshuttle

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