Friday, July 9, 2010

Story: NOOOO... Ver.3 full set stolen!!!

"If you want to talk about being upset, I should be more upset. Last Friday, my son’s complete set of v3 was stolen at city square time zone when he did not pay attention. The adult or kid who did this must be damn greedy.

Cards in a folderust belong to someone right? Find it then return it to the timezone counter lor. I may say thank you and even pay you for your help. Taking the book is stealing. So to that greedy a@@hole. I hope you will get retribution one day"
~ et209

Comments from other forumers:

this is police case..... dont play play..... never never try to take/steal things that not belong to you…
if in Iran… your hands may crush by truck...."
~ Lion King

There are a lot of people who wanted to show their care to the author, replacing his son's stolen set. There are a lot of sellers I guess to offer him...

"Thanks ak_cookie for the sol. I m only still missing showdown to replace my son’s stolen set. We need more like you. Your redundant is my gain!!! Thanks!!!"

Blog Master: Stealing is a big serious crime in Singapore. This is a message for parents and small kids when they read my blog, stealing is not a great option and decision, protect what you have brought to somewhere to avoid stolen items. For parents, please teach your kids about the consequences when they have something or do something carelessly. Everyone must prevent from this case. Glad it's not happening to me after all. Now, he needs his final piece, Showdown. He really wanted to buy from someone who sells it cheaper, even the Ver. 3 full set is one expensive price. Don't be too glad when you have a full set of version cards, keep them safely in your home and don't ever bring it somewhere else... or you will have a risky decision!

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