Saturday, July 17, 2010

Story: Will you buy?

Someone sells V1 cards in a very expensive price, are you dare to buy them?

"Hello, please buy my card. I’m selling this cards:
Great White Shark=$100
Bengal Tiger=$100
Polar bear=$50
Indian Cobra=$50
African Elephant=$50
Ocean Power=$50
Meteor Shower=$50
Virtuous Skies=$50
Crashing Moon=$50
Victory Power=$30
Blue, the Young Shark=$30
Leo, the Lion Club=$30
Icarus, the Young Eagle=$30
Nile Crocodile=$30
Hidden Power=$30
Ice Meteor=$30
Alien Egg A=$30
Arctic Training=$30
Gray Wolf=$30
Giant Panda=$30
Then some other cards. Each cost $1.50. If u want to buy, please sms me at 92314890 or email me at By the way, my name is henry."

What a joker action, expensive!

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