Saturday, July 24, 2010

Story: Win VS Boss (Siegfried) twice in 2 games!

Yesterday I went to play AK and hunt for V3 cards. First try I didn't win, next try not win again. Until I get the chance to use my Bronze Siegfried with the combination:

Strong Card: Battle Isolated (252 Siegfried Picture)
Miracle Card: Saturn Saw

1st round get Perfect against Anaconda, next round also Perfect against Jumbo the Lowland Gorilla. Next, I just choose Siegfried to try my luck. And there it comes, the clone battle! At the beginning I was the first to attack the boss animal first, and then the 2nd chance comes when I attack again. The third round the boss animal won't let me attack at that time, so it attacks. I just keep winning and winning, and then I win! But get a normal card...

Next try using Lowland Gorilla, my last game today.

Strong Card: No strong card (Accidentally pressed the yellow button...)
Miracle Card: Approaching Sun (V6)

I will start from the Siegfried battle. First chance Siegfried gets 50 at the attack slot, but I suddenly get a doubling! Then attack... attack until it attacks. After a so long time I win, still got a normal card.

Can you win against this opponent consecutive times? Well, it depends on your luck.

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