Friday, July 2, 2010

This people sends me a harrasment reply on Zone X Forum. Anyone must see! Parents and children are recommended to view this! (Part 2: Revealed!!!!!!)

This person sends me this message on Zone X Forum (Thread already displayed) and this is the message. Parents should watch this out, this is exactly NOT TRUE

you are from the same breed and that’s why you defend them ... then you squat down with them ... if you know what i meant .... people with dishonesty and cheating others - will eventually squat down ... physically and emontionally ... physically as in Changi .... and emotionally as in no self-pride.

they did not defend themselves .... so unless you want to dispute my facts ... otherwise YOU think thrice before you post ... as there are many intelliigent adults reading this forums ...

you are clever ... people are not stupid

Oh, sorry, this is just the reply message from ak big fan and akplayer99 from that guy. Sorry can't display the name. This is the real message from the same guy who sends that...

herbie3 and you are qualified as con-man ... dishonest and dare to boost here ... shameless.

like i have said before - go shame yourselves elsewhere .... dun stain the decent forum here ... go ... go pee elsewhere ... and look into the pool .... your evil look

1... 2... 3!!! Time for another reply from me (I don't post it at the Zone X Forum)

A nerd should know, anyone is curious into the pool. Just look anyone around, and look to their mind. There, you will know what should you act. Act rashly or not, take it your choice.

The pool that you mentioned is nice, not as bad as you say.

Oh, and this is the first reply before all that tragedy happened with that people:

ML, when you declare bid close on Wednesday ... it should close on Wednesday ... not earlier not later.

We dun welcome Seller with no principles here .... don’t stain this forum ... go stoop elsewhere.

Spoilt the spirits of the AK game and teaching the kids here the wrong morals.....

Maybe anyone in Zone X forum who read this might know who is ML...

Parents should be careful, please read the first post to be careful and teach your lovely children to be careful, as this might happened to you. I know this is a bad news, but do anything it takes to avoid that. OK, have a fun day everyone, be careful of this!

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