Friday, July 2, 2010

This people sends me a harrasment reply on Zone X Forum. Anyone must see! Parents and children are recommended to view this! (Part 2: The case is big)

After a week of this incident, I thought it was over. This case is getting bigger as I don't have any suggestions. This case is just a misunderstanding any one told a lie about it. These are these are the replies:

This is the beginning, when that troublemaker (ML) posts this. All starts from this part.

Machine Lion - 27 June 2010 09:02 PM

I tell you everything about if you are in need of money by selling ur special card:

First you need to ask somebody to buy your card. Show him the ultimate rare card you have (If you have one) and sell it less than $33. When the transaction is finished, give him the card in a sealed small carton box and when the buyer brought the box into their home, he will found it is a special card, not the ultra rare card he wanted. Like I did before, I make him pay $77 to me and he found a special card on it. Easy right?

I guess this is for him, that stupid troublemaker.

wat i can say is only 2-3 ppl are ‘chatting’ among themself.... so far...nobody going ‘in’ to disturb.... for me… sometime i read and then move on...sometime i not even want to read (u know me then i tell u)....

if u try to teach the bad thing here....u are expected to receive the response from us (members)… good or bad response?? depand on who post the response to u.....

i thk most of us are keen to know who u are.... if we know u well.... although sometime u post some bad thing/words here...we can we know u....

u are expected to receive such bad comment from members in this forum one day ...and it happened yesterday.... if u keep posting will happen everyday.... if u don wan this to be happened...pls behave yourself.... "

What do you think? Not real for me anyway...

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