Saturday, July 3, 2010

This people sends me a harrasment reply on Zone X Forum. Anyone must see! Parents and children are recommended to view this! (Part 5: End))

This is the end of this tragedy I guess, this is the few final replies I got from the same thread.

"Sorry, I think this is a gossip about my blog. I don't dare to post it. OK, leave it to the other reply!" (This reply is not to post here, leave it to the others)

"where got out of nowhere so many ducklings (newbies) got so many co-ck words. it’s the same culprits coming here to defend ....

And you certainly need a Lampard’s shot at goal .... but here again the Goalkeeper is very cunning ... and the referee / linesman as usual kayu ......

so since the referee say no goal .... then the Goalkeeper know better to keep mum .... and make sure do the right thing from now on .... no more goals ..... "
~ spaceshuttle

I think that's all what I got to say, there are a lot, I don't really dare to post it here, that troublemaker might be commenting on it!

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