Monday, July 5, 2010

Tips and Tricks: Sell your printable Animal Kaiser cards!

Imagine when you are running out of money, and you only got $2 on your wallet. There are 2 places which is standing in your left and right. The left is a store with cheap prices with foods and other things, and your right is an arcade. And when you play AK in the arcade for $2 for 1 game, what will you do if you don't get a rare card? This is a tip where you can get a boost for money:

1. Find the card picture from the Internet or cardlist. For the cardlist, crop out the card which you wanted. If you get it from the Internet, save the image.

2. Visit and then find the card barcode for the card that you are looking for (Each barcode data always starts with bn) and make sure you have all the cardlists for each version so you will know what card number (Example: A-001) matches your card to be printed.

3. Visit and copy and paste the barcode data from the previous website. The barcode symbology must be stayed on Code 128. The format must be in JPG as I recommend. Now, generate the barcode.

4. Save the barcode image to your harddisk and then go to Microsoft Word (If your computer's OS is Windows) and put the card picture on the left side of the page. Resize it into the exact size as an animal kaiser card. Put the barcode beside the card picture.

5. You can put as many cards and barcodes as you want and then print it! Cut them! To make it easier, put the left card's barcode above the page, for the right card's barcode put it below the 2 first barcodes. When you resized the left card barcode and the right card barcode, copy and paste to make them into two. Seperate them to know which barcode does this card owned by.

6. Time to go for money! Sell them in a cheap price and someone will sure to buy! This is a general interest: you could sell ultra rare cards and other cards you want, but you should add as many playable printable cards as you want.

Happy selling!

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