Monday, July 26, 2010

The Ultimate Boss of Version 4...

This Ultimate Scorch will be your devastating enemy at Version 4, tougher than Siegfried! Now you must face with it's great abilities, watch out especially for the G type attack, Gigantic Geist! If you are sure to make against him easily, don't hope. Scorch has Super Evil Burst ability that will decrease your attack levels back to 111. From 521, you will be drained down to 111. But that's not only the Super Evil Burst has, your animal's health bar will be turned into like when your animal is cursed, making a higher damage. Using Siegfried with Perfect Match sometimes not enough to win... must use other animals that matches this type. King Cobra will be the best for me, what about you? This boss animal is tougher than before, you will never believe until you play it. Choose Strong and then when clearing Round 2, be sure to select "Challenge Scorch" and you will begin to face him. No doubt, just use perfect combination of your cards in order to win!

Death Scorch is the strongest version of Scorch, with only 1 new attack. This version of Scorch will be tougher to face, now it doesn't have the Evil Burst ability once more, but a blue flame picture on the right-top of the card in V8, which will finish your animal even the health drains a little with a huge damage of 9999! If you want to prevent this attack use a miracle attack with effect Survivor. Maybe facing this boss animal with Fiery-eye Apollo (Play at Japan) is suitable, only if your Fiery-eye got attacked 3 times, doubling on the best attack, and you will finish this boss animal instantly... boss animal never had any miracle effects, so be happy then.

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