Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ver. 10 - December 2009: 爆密!忍動物ただいま参上

Ver. 10 is currently launched at December 2009, the first decade version of AK. Wow, 10 versions already, now already reached until 12. It is filled with lots of new animals.

Theme Version 10 - 爆密!忍動物ただいま参上 (Animals can get calling on Shinobi)

Boss animal from Ver. 9... has been released to this version!!!

The deck box above is sold within 10,000 yen, the seller's willing to sell all 2 for 20,000 yen, similar to $300. This deck picture is retrieved from

Yes, the boss animal has been available to this version, the card will be released at Ver. 11! The old V7 White Lion is enough to take that "Shinobi Hero" animal down...

This might be good for this new version, the promo card is the bear with shirt card

V10 Champion/Promotion card: Grizzly (Bear with shirt)

This will currently add my ultimate card collection series, the holy snake...


Name: Holy Snake
Real Name: ?????? (Uncovered soon in Local Version 10)
Strength: 6000
Health: 8000

Relationships: Has some connections with White Lion and Dark Lion. The secrets haven't been revealed yet...

Position: Animal Kaiser (This animal is the king of animals)

Special effects: Poison, Curse

Abilities: Kaiser Flash

Ability Information: Once this snake's health reaches 25% or less, the animal will be come golden color. When ultimate attack is released after Kaiser Flash is unleashed, it will do more damage, even 8400 can do!!!

Country/Animal Place: Hero

Do this yet so far, this ultimate animal is currently the king of animals, so far still can't do a 9999 yet...

Trailer is already available on YouTube, please check it out.

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