Friday, July 16, 2010

Ver. 4 - ????? 2010

This version hasn't released yet, but we will have something to say if you wanted to know about this! Come and see, the first appearance of the Ultra Rare card - Siegfried!

They has released many interesting animals, like King Cobra, American Alligator, and that strongest mantis on this game, Spiny Flower Mantis!

2 new silver rare card - Raging Ocean and Unchained Power

A new bronze miracle card - Giant Watermelon (Exclusive to Ver. 4 only) while Japan is still normal card for that Giant Watermelon

Normal rare cards, some animals has increased a title, there are Black Panther the 2nd, Goblin Shark the 2nd, Andean Condor the 2nd, and Asiatic Black Bear the 2nd!

There is a bronze strong card which max out the number for auras already, Deadly Technique! Brilliant... for a full miracle aura!

Siegfried is now an Ultimate rare card! Go grab the card when it is released!

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