Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ver. 4 card information

There are a total of 80 cards to complete V4 collections. This is the analysis received from the cardlist. There are 27 foil cards which could create around 33.8% of the full set. These that makes up 33.8% of the set:

- 1 Ultimate Card (Siegfried)
- 3 Gold Cards (King Cobra, Great White Shark, Lowland Gorilla)
- 8 Silver Cards (Polar Bear, Starburst Tarantula, Raging Ocean, Unchained Power, Black Hole, Crashing Moon, Approaching Sun, American Alligator)
- 15 Bronze Cards (Spiny Flower Mantis, Killer Whale, Jumbo the Lowland Gorilla, Leo the Lion Cub, Icarus the Young Eagle, Blue the Young Shark, Deadly Technique, King's Insignia, Sea Lord's Insignia, Zeus's Insignia, Giant Watermelon, Giant Meteor, Alien Egg A, Alien Egg D, Ice Meteor)

This is the first information, to be continued or updated when retrieved more news.

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