Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ver. 5 - September 2008: 「爆来!まばゆき超闘士」

Now that version is already, this is already the beginning of the animals which started to have ability. This is the scene of the holy team, White Knights, is doing some kind of action scene to defeat evil forces. Their rival already kept in V6...

Theme Version 5 - 「爆来!まばゆき超闘士」(Mabayuki super fighters operating)

There are around 7 animals from the White Knights team, which has super interesting powers! Currently their leader will be In V7, the white lion! Now that the bats are already hunting to take a place in AK, they finally get their chance to appear for the first time!

New special effect - Vampire! Absorbs opponent health after attacking with a Vampire skilled attack, same like the evil aura does, only evil aura has all attacks to absorb enemy's health.

The bats team are only 3 members, the leader is Vampire Bat, the bronze rare is the Paihua Bat, and the weakest among all bats, Rabbit Bat! Ver. 6 will be coming soon, grab your cards now!!!

Blog Master: There is another special card released exclusively for this version, crashing moon with 2 G-guards star! I don't believe that the moon is this weak...

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