Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ver. 6 - December 2008: 「最凶!おそるべき暗黒軍団(ダークフォース)」

Check out V6, the first appearance of evil animals! Now, they have the king of their own dark team, the evil lion! It's a real match between White Knights and Dark Force team, which will win?

Theme Version 6 - 「最凶!暗黒軍団(ダークフォース)」 (The most evil! Osorubeki dark Corps (Dakufosu)" operation)

This is a really a good version, the first appearance of Saturn Saw, which virtually rips the Earth into 2 pieces! Now that this version is better, we will wait for the other version to come, after Version 12.

The current theme of this version is the most evil team, Dark Force. It' their first appearances. V5 against V6 has the most better appearance. V5 has the first appearance of the 4800 Powered Miracle card, while V6 has the first appearance of the dark animals with different abilities.

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