Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ver. 7 - March 2009: 「爆突!絶滅四天王VS新闘士(ニューヒーロー)」

Welcome to Ver. 7, where you will know everything about Version 7! Although it is already passed, let's refresh our mind to get you some knowledge about this version. Come and see!

Theme Version 7 -「爆突!絶滅四天王VS新闘士(ニューヒーロー)」(Shining new fighter VS extinction (New Hero) operation)

There are 2 gold and silver hero cards, while their original animal version of them are in Bronze rare! They are the 4 shining heroes!

Now this White Lion exists, he is the king of the White Knights team, appearing just to take an ultimate fight. They do have another hero looks like Leo, Apollo!

Basically, the default animal assigned was Leo, now they change Ver. 7 into Apollo. Then continuously changing to Leo child.

The boss animal is the evolved dark lion, with a new amazing skills than before! It appeared already in Version 8... don't think too much whether it exists or not.

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