Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ver. 8DX - July 2009: 「決戦!ダブル究極 超激突(メガインパクト)」

This great version is released in July 2009. The second DX Version, very interesting! They got 2 platinum rare cards. Now there are master heroes in this version. Much stronger than the old version of them!

Theme Version 8DX -「決戦!ダブル究極 超激突(メガインパクト)」(Ultimate super battle room (Mega-impact) running)

Wow, 2 ultra rare cards!

This is a new skill for master animals only, besides best attack, now they have Mega attack! It does more stronger than it's best attack, restores a little health of the master animal.

So far, come and get the cards, buy!

Title Page:


Latest Ultimate Card

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