Friday, July 9, 2010

Ver. 9 Full set for sale

Recently added this to my store, this unopened set has been received since 1st time Ver. 9 has been released. I am currently selling the other stock of this set. 1 stock for sale only. 1 for me.

- Reservation: $250 comes with all V9 new promotion cards
- Normal: $300 comes with V9 all new promotion card

New store offer:
Free 1 discount ticket code for purchases above $18. Accept multiples. Want a free ticket today? Maybe you are the lucky one to get it first. Post a comment to ask me what will you got! Not only discounts, it is also a lucky ticket, comes with discount and free cards randomly.

Today's Ticket: B571AZ!761

The answer for this ticket will be revealed tomorrow... stay tuned to my blog everyday for lucky tickets and offers...

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