Sunday, July 18, 2010

Version 4 takes longer again...

What do fans say about the V4 delay again? Boring?

It takes so long again, each day uses the same cards we got, boring! Japan must think and fill their heads faster, so V4 could be released earlier! Just take a look at the arcade, empty machines, all are waiting for the next version to come. Japan's Version 12 has no delays, now this version do have a delay. That's why we must continue to wait here, stop playing AK for a while, and then when it is released, go play again.

We AK fans have waited at least 3 months for a new version, we hope it could be faster than that version delay.

What does the arcade operators say about V4?

Arcade operators really wants it to be a slower time, the other machines are non-refundable back to Japan, so they need a machine again to load, the V2 machine with the V2 old deck, V3 with the not-so-old V3 deck. How long we have to wait?

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