Saturday, July 10, 2010

World Cup Countdown - 5 usable card barcodes to be given away!!!

The world cup final is close, to celebrate it, let's have you some cards that you don't have, the barcodes! Resize the largest size first, print them out, stick them on a normal card, use it for play!!!

bn5vvfu: Battle Isolated (252 Silver blue tiger picture strong card)
bn1~Dytd: Bengal Tiger
bn3?$bX!: Wolf's View (251 Bronze Strong card dark wolf picture)
bn-J~jcr: Raging Ocean
bn-JNnos: Gold Champion Bald Eagle

This is the greatest world cup giveaway, including today's usable card barcode. What do you think, go for it!

WC Final: Netherlands against Spain, Paul the Octopus already predicts the winner, Spain. We will have to wait for the prediction to be correct... that octopus never does a mistake, the final will be the greatest match ever!

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