Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wow, orders finally got! But not many...

Finally I got orders from people who wish to buy my cards.


Interested in some of your cards and offer, where do you deal?

~ Wood Wind

This is another request

"Dear herbie,

Hi i am Jia Yi, i am interested of buying your animal kaiser cards... dun u mind giving me ur contact number to contact u ?"
~ Jia Yi

3rd request!

"Hi Herbie,
Read from your blog that you are receiving order for V4 unopened full set @ $100 can i just confirm you are referring to the latest V4 English version? If yes, i am interested to place an order.
How can i transfer $$$ to you and when can i collect the cards? You may call/SMS me at 96826122, thanks.


~Teong Siew Lan

Get 3 request now, still need more?


  1. im interested in buy your japanese cards.
    is there a way for fast dealing?? mail mi at

  2. can you please send me your email to i may want to buy