Thursday, July 8, 2010

Z10A-070 For sale! Last stock, come and buy quickly!!!

Vrede Elephant Z10A-070 for cheap price, last stock offer comes out this cheap. I would like to give one more Vampire Bat piece and King Cobra piece for the buyer, let the kid be happy...

By the way, I am not sold the last piece, this is the 2nd piece. The other used for play, last offer, cheaper price. I don't accept trading, only sell this last sold piece of this card.

I would like to offer buyers for $1.5 only for this card.

Are there some good offers for another card? I would like to see... take me to the store now!

But if anyone buys this first, please wait for the other stock to arrive, one box of 300 cards of Vrede Holy elephant will be sold for $18 per box.

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