Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CPU Boss animal lists

Local version

Version 1: No boss (Final opponent in random, Lion, GWS, Bengal Tiger, or Bald Eagle)
Version 2: Special Ops Leo
Version 3: Siegfried
Version 4: Scorch
Version 5: ? - to be launched at the end of the year (My best guess is the gold rare mammoth, as the Japanese version)

Japan version

Version 1 until 3: No boss (Random boss in gold rare)
Version 4: Siegfried
Version 4DX: Scorch
Version 5: Mammoth
Version 6: White Lion
Version 7: Death Scorch (Has a deadly skill!)
Version 8: Siegfried with strength 9000
Version 8DX: Siegfried with strength 9000
Version 9: Holy Snake
Version 10: Ninja Wolf
Version 11: Machine Lion - HGX
Version 12: Cobalt
Version 12DX/13: ? - to be launched at September 2010 (My best guess is another ultimate rare lion)

For the version 12 baby evil lion, the last stage CPU boss is Death Scorch... again!!! Bronze VS Ultimate!!

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