Thursday, August 19, 2010

Got many cards? Running out of money?

You got too many AK cards? Don't even try to eat them? Lol... sell them to any sellers you trust, get some money, play at the AK machine directly. Here is a case that you will know that you will need to sell your cards

Case 1): Your budget is too low, only $9 remaining, only play AK 4 times, then remain $1. With $1 there is nothing you can do with AK cards... in your home you got more than a deck of 1 AK cards, 150 cards or more just like in the machine. Now you count them all, got 700 cards in your stock. You sell those you don't need, or have excess cards. $60 per gold card, $40 per silver card, $4 per bronze card, and $0.88 per normal cards and if you are planning to sell 250 of them, 50 gold cards, 50 silver cards, 25 bronze, and the rest is normal cards, you will earn some money. Use them to play, use them to buy AK cards. You can even reach $100 or more!

Selling them is a worth of money, someone buy, got some money... if you got too many Siegfried cards, sell them $80-120 each... you will be so lucky then and get some cards.

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