Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to create your own card deck? - Step 2

Once you're done with your deck then possibly use rubber bands to tie them and then just like original AK card decks, write in a small piece of paper about the deck. Cut them into the size of the deck and insert it after the first card is in. If you are willing to sell it, then sell it at your own price, my own Deck A is already finished. On the paper, name the deck letter. For your first deck, it is Deck A so write it at the paper and cut them and then put it on the deck. The 2nd deck is B, and so on... if you know alphabets!

Done creating? Now you could create deck B and so on until Z, if your card is enough. By the way you could as many cards as you want in 1 deck, example for deck A is 150 cards, so the other decks must be 150 cards too. Mine is 143 cards per deck.

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