Monday, August 2, 2010

How to make Scorch eat dirt?

How to make Scorch eat dirt? This is the newest Version 4 boss, using an ultimate card is not enough to win! So, how could we make Scorch eat dirt?

This is a clip from YouTube that somebody uses Siegfried (Ultimate) and fight against the Scorch. But Siegfried has "eat the dirt"...

If you want to use an animal to win, this is the perfect combination:

Siegfried + 252 Siegfried Picture V6 + Saturn Saw
King Cobra + Unchained Power + Saturn Saw
Special Ops Leo + Raging Ocean + Approaching Sun
Red Scorpion + Raging Ocean + Approaching Sun

Still get eaten by the dirt? Use your own strategy, and make Scorch eat dirt!!

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  1. I played twice last night, only realised I could pick Scorch as my opponent during the second game's final fight. I used Andean Condor the 2nd, and the card(green) I got from the first game(think it gave me 2/1/3, along with a sweet life drain effect), along with my Alien Egg C. Managed to win 2 spins in a row, with focus(but my arms were too tired to button-spam, so failed to drain) then Scorch won 2 spins in a row. First one he used his POW, I managed to focus defense, down to the last pixel of health. Second time though, I knew I was screwed, since he got POW Doubling. 2500 per hit(!), ending in 9999. TOTAL DOMINATION.